What People are Saying About
Merlinda Pillsbury Arnold's SaRa Technique

"My Sa Ra session with Merlinda Pillsbury Arnold was both deeply profound and deeply sublime. In working with her, it feels like one has entered a light-filled, crystal dome. And within that sacred space, many dimensions and and assistants are at work. Merlinda has many gifts, one of which is vision. She saw my mother and father with us, and she described them distinctly and accurately by just using a few, but core, words. I feel as though I've been vibrationally uplifted by not having to carry the lineage miasms around anymore. Her work is very important for the times we are living in: the reemergence of the Divine Feminine, and clearing away the seals that bind them.. It is an experience I would recommend to anyone on a goal of growth. It feels as though my cells have been cleared out."


"I have been giving and receiving energy work for over 40 years.
The treatment I recieved from Merlinda was a pure joy
I was honored to be given a Sara Technique treatments from Merlinda.
The experience was not only profound but very deep.
The release of the old was one of the most refreshing experiences I have had. 

I can highly recommend Merlinda, the Sara Treatment,
If you are ready to clear this is a big piece of the puzzle

Live Heaven"


"SaRa almost magically brought in a new confidence and inner connection for my ancient and present self. Both I and my beloved have greatly harmonized with more love to share as a result of our association with you."

Much gratitude for your bright light,
Robert Ray

"The SaRaTechnique has given me a clearer sense of myself and who I am. I have been experiencing a lighter sense of being and am realizing how much energy I used unconsciously to keep my heart closed. I now am ready to get the third session."

SS from The Sanctuary, British Columbia

"During the first session I had an amazing connection with some of my ancestors that came in to assist me in releasing seals from my heart.' I was in a twilight state going in and out of a deep relaxation. I found the session very pleasurable and since then I have been in a happier state. I know now what my fears and traumas are and I am consciously letting them go."

Don Dennis, Achamore House, Isle of Gigha, Scotland

"I was sick in my gut and was having a very hard time and in pain, Merlinda did the SaRa technique on me and within mins I could feel the release of pain especially in my stomach. After the pain left I drifted into a deep sleep and felt ethereally angels around me, one could say flashing sparks of light, I knew that I had help with the release of trauma and pain I carried all those years. The second SaRa was even more profound, I felt a prescence while Merlinda was working on my head and she identified herself saying she was here to remind me of my path. After the session in the next couple of days I remembered my passion was to start dance celebrations and that is what I have been doing ever since. My business has really took off because I am now making my work my passion. I know the SaRa technique was the catalyst to my new life."

J.R. Santa Fe

"I was very hesitant about this SaRa technique but I tried it because I was in so much emotional pain that it was affecting my physical body. I literally had tried everything, acupuncture, rolfing, EMDR, all of it and I still was in tremendous emotional pain. After the third session of the SaRa I am happier than I have ever been with absolutely no pain. Through the three session I have released the emotional pain in my heart that I was not aware was even there, layer after layer my heart became happier, lighter than I could imagine. I truely am a new person now. Looking back  I realized when my father stabbed my mother in the heart I was 4 years old and it felt like I had been stabbed in the heart. After working through my lineage as well as the SaRa sessions I cleared a family line of pain and abuse. My children and now my grand-daughter will not have to feel or carry this family pain any longer. I am in deep graditude to Merlinda and these amazing healing truths."

F.D. Creative Artist, Los Angeles

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