SaRa Technique
by Merlinda Pillsbury Arnold

Big TreeThrough the SaRa Technique we are transforming trauma & PTSD into Positive "Source energy."

Have you experienced deep emotional pain? Have you looked everywhere and not been able to find relief? I have good news for you. SaRa Technique, explained on this website, removes the traumas that trap your heart and hinder your ability to love.

Merlinda Pillsbury Arnold first learned about SaRa Technique during a mediation session several years ago. She began using this technique in her sessions with clients and immediately saw results. Her clients reported feeling lighter, more joyful, and experiencing an increased capacity for love.

The SaRa technique is a journey back to our hearts. In the heart, we shed the armor that separates us from our true selves, each other, and the Divine. Here we discover and join together the parts of ourselves that had been lost. It is my experience, that the divine masculine and the divine feminine comes together in a union that transcends duality and births the heirogamas, the sacred marriage.

After many millenniums of collective trauma and amnesia, humans are at last waking up to who we truly are, and remembering our divine heritage. You emerge from the SaRa experience with elements of a higher consciousness and a reawakened sense of your authentic being. Heart by heart, this inner healing effects powerful transformation within our selves, our partnerships, our communities, our nations, and our world.

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Listen to more of Merlinda's fascinating story in this three-part recording where she is interviewed by Jeffrey Milburn of Fresh Perspectives

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