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SaRa Scroll Cave

A scroll is hidden deep in a Judean cave. The scroll’s content includes SaRa Technique, a series of ancient healing techniques.

This raises the obvious question. If it is hidden, how do we know it exists?

Merlinda asked the same question when, during a meditation session, she received the instructions for SaRa Technique. Her intuition told her to try it with clients and measure the results.

This seemed reasonable to her so she experimented with it. What she discovered was a unique combination of already known practices that bring extraordinary results.

Isis does SaRa on OsirisThese results include:

  • Peace of Mind
  • Increased openness to give and receive love
  • Greater awareness
  • Easier life path
  • More happiness
  • Boundless connection to the divine
  • Fuller knowledge
  • Improved health
  • Grander understanding of one’s uniqueness
  • Superior ability to remember and benefit from past lives

These results are available for those who participate in SaRa Technique. Many of Merlinda’s clients experience significant relief after one session. The greatest benefit comes from three sessions and those who choose this option receive a discount when they pay in advance.

There are two options for experiencing SaRa Technique Sessions. The first is to visit Merlinda’s office in the central mountains of New Mexico. If travel is inconvenient, she can work with you and a friend via a high speed internet connection using Skype. (A friend is needed to assist Merlinda with parts of SaRa Technique because this work produces physical results that can only be assessed through touch. You and your friend should be comfortable sharing touch.)

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Isis doing SaRa on Osiris

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